The immaculately monikered trio of: Subbass- Commandante Graf von Stierenfroed; Bass-King T; and DJ King Augenring, join forces to make up Schlachthofbronx. Fine purveyors of what they call Munich Bass. In other words they don’t limit themselves to one form of Bass music and can be found ripping it up in Bavaria and beyond as both DJs and Producers in Ghettotek, Kuduro, Baltimore, Electro, Dubstep or Miami Bass style… sometimes all together. Here’s a little taster we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx – Poppin

Lil Wayne splattered Baltimore, infected with a filthy rolling bassline.

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - Guata

What the fellas describe as ‘hypnotic afrobeat.’ Think Praga Khan meets Switch in a Lisbon Warehouse Party

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - We Nah Fraid

A disgustingly lovely slice of big and bashie Dubstep

(YSI) Schlachthofbronx. - Fatthing Dubstep Remix

Takes the Sleng Teng riddim into the future, and it ain’t pretty.

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