Kanye on Lockdown

I have one big issue with Kanye’s new track ‘Love Lockdown’. It’s not the fact that he’s decided it’s time to croon, it’s the fact that he’s felt it necessary to use a Vocoder to do so. I’m sure he didn’t use one at the MTV awards, so it’s not like he can’t sing the song, so why use this evil machine at all? There are only 2 types of music that can get away with using the Vocoder (Ragga and R’n’B are not them… it hurts me deeply when I hear a fine singer like Yami Bolo using one) – P Funk and Electro. Don’t ask me why these get special privileges, I’m actually not too sure, but somehow they both manage to retain general credibility even when relentlessly electrocuting the voicebox. So it is probably of some small mercy that up out of the Brooklyn Zoo clique jumps Chew Fu with this beautifully bubbling little electro refix… might just have saved it for me.

(YSI)Kanye West – Love Lockdown (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)

And for those of you previously unaware of the Chew Fu goodness, here’s a few gems which he cooked up for the ‘Remix Sunday’ selection over at the Palms Out blog…

(ZShare) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams(Chew fu fix, feat J-Cast & Substantial)

(ZShare) Chris IsaaK - Wicked games (Chew Fu Refix feat J-Cast & Lee Majors)

(ZShare) Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild (Chew Fu Fix feat A-Clay & Lee Majors)

(ZShare) Chew Fu w/ J-Cast, A-Clay & PVH - Sunglasses At Night

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One Response to Kanye on Lockdown

Brooklyn Zoo m.b.c. said...

Nice one!!thanks a lot fam!big up,cheW fu