The Man Who Would Be King

Chrome Kids favourite Ben Sharpa has just released this re-touch of a track he originally recorded in 2002 with King Pinn, just before the Zimbabwean MC’s untimely passing in May 2003.

One of Zimbabwe’s heaviest and more conscious rappers, King Pinn was born in the UK, where his father was studying at the time. The family moved back to Zimbabwe after Independence, shortly after King Pinn’s birth, so his father could take up the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture there.

This track was recorded whilst King Pinn was studying at University in Cape Town, where he was active in the local Hip-hop scene, filming a few short documentaries on South African Hip-hop and recording with local crews: The Others; Dungeon Keepers; and Groundworks (Sharpa’s crew).

Although this track is officially unreleased a version did find its way onto the bootleg version of Ben Sharpa’s album B Sharpa which was floating about last year before its official release (without the track) on the Pioneer Unit label recently . Sharpa has added some extra drums, bass and synths for this remix however and it certainly bangs heavy. For more information on King Pinn visit here

(YSI) King Pinn & Ben Sharpa – Live A Little Remix

Here’s a few more original King Pinn tracks including one with his older brother Rassie Ai.

(YSI) King Pinn & Rassie Ai – The King & I

(YSI) King Pinn – King Concepts

(YSI) King Pinn – Centimetre

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