Chrome Kids Classics # 1


Think it’s time we started reliving some inspirations and aspirations on this blog. Some of the tracks that have helped to shape the Chrome Kids musical outlook over the years. We move so fast now that some may take issue at how quickly we call classic on some of them, but those people will simply have to keep up.

Now Roots Manuva’s first album was a classic slice of Hip-hop, his second defined him and stands as a milestone in modern music. But it is actually the accompaniment to this album, the remixed package that we dig in for our first taste of history. The SFA remix of ‘Dreamy Days’ was the first track we heard off what is arguably a superior offering to ‘Run Come...’ and although it would be unfair to the rest to say it was our favourite, it does have a special settlement between our memory banks and earlobes.

We have nothing but respect for the fellas from Super Furry Animals. It was Gruff Rhys’ wanderings into the favelas of Brazil that first brought Baille Funk to our attention some years ago, and they have been constant supporters of the Welsh hip-hop scene over the years. Not to mention the fact that they constantly push the accepted boundaries within their own music, not scared to do as they please.

Over recent times they’ve shown more than a passing interest in the Dubstep scene, and it’s not really surprising when you listen to this slice of digital dub that came out back in 2002, just as the term Dubstep was gaining wider useage as the genre’s accepted label. Nowadays it would definitely settle comfortably under that umbrella, as would many of the other tracks off the ‘Dub Come Save Me’ album.

(YSI) Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (SFA Dub)

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