Men At Work

We’re not generally in the habit of doing this kind of post, lazy as it may seem it is born from sheer hard graft as we have our nose to the grindstone with various projects. Not to leave you lonely though we thought we’d share some our favourite tracks that have been popping up on Hype Machine, which is at this point in time playing randomly in the background as we knuckle down to it. All the links are direct to the original blogs so make sure you go support them and follow the links for more information on the individual tracks.

(YSI) Don Rimini (ft. Verb) – Pussy Stay On Mind

(Direct Link) Petter (ft. Kihlen) - Min Click (Phatzoo Remix)

Both courtesy of Discobelle

(Direct Link) Santogold - Say Aha (TEPR Remix)

Courtesy of The Docking Station

(Direct Link) Bangladesh - How Do You Feel ? (Drop) feat Muffy

Courtesy of Fluokids

(Direct Link) OCDJ - Woopash

Courtesy of The Heart Attack Club

(Direct Link) Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (Juri Hulkkonnen Remix)

(Direct Link) Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)

Both courtesy of Neonized

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4 Responses to Men At Work

Neonized said...

Heey! thx for the link for Jori Hulkkonen's remix


No worries, thanks for putting it up in the first place :)

Humi said...

Hy, pls directlink 1st track (don rimini)!
The force be with you, respect for this blog... ;)

Alex said...

thanks for the link,

you wouldn't believe how many people we have hotlinking our mp3 files without that common courtesy

- heart attack club