Catch Saturday Night Fever

Not doing well at motivating myself to head out, resigned to listening to some more Mixtapes and having a Saturday afternoon 'Dance & Snack Attack' round the kitchen. Would highly recommend it, download them now and join in.

First up there's this new Old Money mix courtesy of Attorney Street if this doesn't get you moving while you munch then you might well need to check you're still with us.

(Z Share) Old Money - The NYC Tee Promo Mix

They've put this out to promote their new T Shirts which have been designed to help push some of the exciting new artists to emrge from New York for which all profits goes to the youth poetry organisation Urban Word NYC. For more information, to pick up a T shirt or grab a tracklisting for this mix go pay the folks at Attorney St a visit.

(YSI) Skyzoo feat. Wale - Lyrically Inclined (Konrad Gullybuck Remix)

Next up is something of a guilty pleasure i'm afraid but sometimes after checking so much good music you need a little Saturday trash to sing along to whilst rinsing the last of your cupboards remnants into a couple of suspect sandwiches. Now I'm ready to join my fellow Chrome Kids in some futuristic Saturday Night Fever business down at Swn for the next foorseable few hours.

(Send Space) Clinton Sparks & KO The Legend - I'm Not You Rapper (zip)

(YSI) Ting Tings feat. KO The Legend - Shut Up & Let Me Go (Remix)

I do feel kinda dirty after this though, apologies for infecting you.

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