Enter The Dragon

Last night we showed off our roots a little bit and did a Welsh Hip-hop Mix for Rob Da Bank & Friends on BBC Radio 1. The mix is probably the most definitive yet for the Welsh Hip-hop scene and incorporates a wide variety of styles. It also shows that far from being an isolated and backwards country as many people in the rest of the UK, and even some in Wales itself would believe, we have emcees from all over the country, from all over the world infact who have congregated here and helped to add to that rich diversity. There are also some great collaborations by Welsh artists with emcees from California, Philadelphia and London on the mix too. Take a listen, we have also included many of the tracks for download via YouSendIt here as well.

Any questions about the artists or the scene in general then hit me up on whosthecaptain@hotmail.com

Listen Now: Chrome Kids: Enter The Dragon - Welsh Hip-hop Mix on BBC iPlayer

Tracklisting (and Downloads)

Metabeats / Ralph Rips S**t / Ruffstylz / Mudmowth /CervantisF**k With Me (Radio Edit) (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Cesto – ‘Meta’s Cypher’ (Associated Minds)
Qred ft Opus One – ‘Dungeon Siege’ (White Label)
Qred / Joe Blow / 4Dee / Skamma – ‘Lunar Burn’ (White Label)
The Incredible Torture Show – ‘God Told Me To’ (White Label)
Secondson & Humurak D Gritty – ‘Rags’ (SFDB)
Beatbox Fozzy ft Willo Wispa – ‘Tuna Fish’ (Associated Minds)
Metabeats ft Pergyl & Cervantis – ‘Live & Let Live’ (Associated Minds)
Diverse Concepts ft Mind Kontrol – ‘Any Means Necessary’ (White Label)
Y Diwygiad ft Daedelus – ‘W.E.N.G.L.I.S.H.’ (Dockrad)
Ralph Rips S**t ft Dubbledge – ‘Kiss The Guns’ (Associated Minds)
Me One ft Durrty Goodz – ‘Pay Me No Mind’ (Frenemy)
Sweet & Tender Hooligans – ‘I Have Seen’ (White)
Flow Of Thought – ‘I Got My Boyz’ (Flow Of Thought)
Blaktrix ft Vocal Recall – ‘Trouble Trouble’ (Dial Up)
Brigzy – ‘One For The Money’ (White Label)
Hoax Emcee –‘Rhymin’ Son’ (White Label)
Lews Tunes & Nobsta Nutts (Headcase Ladz) – ‘Get What You See’ (Wonky Wax)
Parker & Conrad Watts – ‘Western Soul’ (Good Groove)
Ninjah – ‘Woman In Control’ (White Label)
Ming Dy Nasty & Redeye Knight (Shadow Law) ft Ruffstylz – ‘Damage Done ’ (White Label)
Dead Residents – ‘Smash Robot Vs Pacman Ghost’ (Cuthulu Nation)

If you want a quick idea on what the mix is about then here’s a quick interview between Rob Da Bank and Kaptin that precedes the mix.

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