Keep Zeno In Your Sights

Today is Dubstep day I think. Gonna hit you up with a few different dubz throughout the day starting with these two from Zeno out of Denver, Colorado which have just had a free release through his hometown label 5u8.dub , an offspring of the Sub.Mission family.

The first re-thinks Ganja Kru’s ‘Super Sharp Shooter’ in a jump up tech-step style that comes out with all gun’s blazin’.

(YSI) Zeno - Blazin'

The second is a more mellowistic affair, and maybe it’s my subconscious Santa wondering where the damn presents are he’s supposed to be delivering soon, or possibly just the freezing cold weather, but this tune reminds me of a twisted Christmas Eve, bit like in the film Gremlins... except I don’t think Gizmo and co get the upper hand in this version.

(YSI) Zeno - Boxed In

To download both tracks together (either MP3 or FLAC) with artwork in a zip file, or to join the Sub.Mission mailing list go visit them here.

Zeno also hit us up with a new mix which "starts off light but finishes with a solid crash." and features 'digital dubplates' from the likes of HxdB, Widdler, Joint Forces, illumined phonetiks, Yong, & Jaybird. Check the tracklisting here.

(ZShare) Zeno - Water [Studio Mix November 2008]

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One Response to Keep Zeno In Your Sights

foundation said...

this kid is a spaz genius. I'ma watch his moves.