Bringin' The Heat

We've had plenty of boomin' murkiness in our output recently but the sun's blazin' hard so we figured it was time to turn the heat up a touch and let the tunes reflect the light for a while.

Definitely in keeping with this vibe is a new track from A-ux entitled Less Hate, More Love. Created as a warming antidote to the world's current economic and social climate, it's 80's Electro optimism certainly does make your 'soul-glo' a little.

(YSI) A-ux - Less Hate, More Love / alt link

Currently back in South Korea getting ready for obligatory military service, we hope A-ux manages to push further his mission to bring people together through music and avoids too much craziness over those 2 years.

The production on this new track from Mos Def's album The Ecstatic is part jazz loungin', part 70s cop show but all sunshine as he sings 'bright light from a distant star'. And just like our closest gaseous guardian, he 'most definitely' spits fire on this one.

(YSI) Mos Def - Casa Bey / alt link

If you still can't shake the darkness then our advice is to dance your clart off and Sweat It Out with a little help from the audio assaulting Aussie label who bring you 30 tracks of 'Baile, Bassline, House and Hoover stabs' from the likes of: Armand Van Helden; South Rakkas Crew; and Oliver $ as well as members of the Sweat shop such as KillaQueenz, Edu K, Oh Snap!!, Yolanda Be Cool and Act Yo Age who also mixed the CD. CD 2 is a bunch of label remixes which are unmixed for all the DJs out there.

As enticement to the main event, here's a sampler Mini Mix from Act Yo Age. the release of this

(MF) Act Yo Age - Sweat It Out Mini Mix

(YSI) Act Yo Age - Lucky 13 (Cut Off & John Ohms Remix) / alt link

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