Soldiering On

Contender for album of the year has to be DJ Vadim's U Can't Lurn Imaginashun out on BBE. With an already impressive back catalogue of beefed up digital beats featuring a wide range of worldwide talent, and in the face of a whole string of adversities including his recent battle with eye cancer, this album is most definitely a case of lion going from strength to strength. For us one of the stand out tracks is the mix of acoustic reggae vibes and tongue trippin' rhymes that make up the track Soldier, a refix of the track Soldat by Ukrainian duo 5Nizza, with added phat beats and additional vocals from Big Red (not to be confused with the British rapper of the same name) out of seminal French Ragga Hip-hop crew Raggasonic.

(YSI) DJ Vadim ft. Wretch 32, Kyza and Orifice Vulgatron - Soldier (The Last Skeptic Re Re Remix) / alt link

We're not sure exactly how much has changed from the original remix (are you confused yet?) but it seems that the UK version keeps hardly anything from the original, which is a shame but then with emcees such as: new Grime golden boy, Wretch 32; Kyza, who seems to have made it his mission to out do the rest of his former Terra Firma family (and is doing a good job at it too); and of course the mighty Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars, it stands up as a strong seperate track in it's own right. As the name suggests this is a remix of the remix (of the refix) in a UK Garage meets UK Funky (meets UK Hip-hop) style from The Last Skeptic, who has graced us with some incredible versions of various tracks lately (Marina & The Diamonds, Mongrel) and is just finishing off an album of them at the moment.

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