West Coast Still Rockin'

If the recent Bassnectar remix we posted wasn't proof enough that the West Coast is still runnin' tings on the filthy bass ridden digitally mutated Hip-hop tip then we have two more remixes from the region to firmly hit the point home for you.

First up we have a Hollyrock handling of a Tru-skool classic as LA beatmeister Tatelarock takes on Channel Live & KRS One's Mad Izm, sparking it up to date with a little less bounce than the original but plenty of neck snapping punch that puts it safely at the top of our playlist at the moment.

(YSI) Channel Live ft KRS One - Mad Izm (Tatelarock Remix) / alt link

Next up San Fran's an-ten-nae flips the 'surf rock ragga' of the first official leak from the new Major Lazer album (featuring Mr Lexx and Santigold on vocals) into the kind of grimey nastiness that Cyborg Yardies of the future will be doing drive bys to.

(YSI) Major Lazer ft Mr Lexx & Santigold - Hold The Line (an-ten-nae Remix) / alt link

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2 Responses to West Coast Still Rockin'

Anonymous said...

Mad Izm joint - haaard

Elsa said...

Amaaazzzzziiiinnngg thank you!!