Bank Holiday Bangers & Mash Ups

The Bank Holiday Weekend has got off to a blazin' start here in Cardiff, both weather and night wise. Kicked off Friday with French Mash-up pioneers Loo Placido who've been literally mashing up the scene since back in '99 including making a bunch of tracks for the MTV Mash show, one of which Madonna performed live at one of her concerts. It's a scandal they're not better known over here but luckily Glo Bar was rammed to the rim and were more than impressed by the sounds emanating from two sets of mysterious shining red eyes bobbing around behind the decks.

They also hit us up with a copy of their latest mixtape, here tis...

(Direct Link) Loo & Placido Electronic Popstar Killers (zip)

(YSI) Loo Placido - Rainbow Warrior / alt link

(YSI) Loo Placido - Beat The Bass / alt link

Last night played a bit of back to back with Matt The Hat at his Small Weekend micro festival alongside Dead Residents, Dubious and Derwyddon Dr Gonzo. Think the funniest part was watching a few rugby lads who must have wandered in by accident and got extremely offended at The Doctor from Dubious shouting out 'I f**king hate you, you Welsh c**ts' during his performance (all just part of the act fellas). Derwyddon Dr Gonzo responded later with 'twll tyn cob sais' (basically 'up yours to the English' in Welsh).

(YSI) Dead Residents - Dibby Dibby Deejay / alt link

(YSI) Dubious - You Bitch / alt link

Was a great night but slightly gutted about missing Rico Tubbs Vs Mickey Slim which was over in Glo again but managed to catch them both at an after party and I'm pretty certain there'll be plenty future face offs to come. If you haven't got a copy of Rico's Remix album yet then make sure you pick up a copy, here's a mix of tracks from it by the man himself that should let you know why. The album is part one in a series of 4 apparently so can't wait to hear the rest. Did have a mix due from Mickey as well but he's been locked away working on his own album that should be finished pretty soon. Sure we'll get one off him for you before too long though.

(MF) Rico Tubbs: Knuckle Sandwich Remixed - Mix


1.Rico Tubbs : Work This (The Teks Remix)
2.Rico Tubbs : The Party (Breakdown Remix)
3.Rico Tubbs : Born 2Bounce (Supra 1 Remix)
4.Rico Tubbs : Ghetto Funk Baby (Jaksaw Remix)
5.Rico Tubbs : Slap The Bass (Audio Stalkers Remix)
6.Rico Tubbs : It Gets No Better (Udachi Remix)
7.Rico Tubbs : Hot Girls Dope Boys (B.Rich Remix)
8.Rico Tubbs : Ghetto Funk Baby (High Rankin Remix)
9.Rico Tubbs : Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix)
10.Rico Tubbs :Gangsters (Muffler Remix)

Tonight it's off to an open mic jam hosted by Shadow Law (aka Ming Dynasty and Redeye Knight). Ming's gonna be flinging down some of his deadly beats for whoever wishes to jump on the mic and ride them. The fellas will be up there doing their thing also. If anyone has a plan for tomorrow though let us know.

(YSI) Redyeye Knight (Shadow Law) - Walk Da Walk / alt link

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