Those Belgian Bass monsters Herrmutt Lobby have put together a digitally dubbed out Mega-hop beat bashing mash down of marvelousness, with this new mix to launch their album alongside worthy LA wordsmith Non (aka Non Diagetic from Shadow Huntaz) with whom they've previously collaborated on Vampires, the stand out track from their Bassfudge Powerscones EP on Eat Concrete.

(Direct Link) Herrmutt Lobby Album Launch Mix


00.00 splash screen
00.13 kiiroi kon'bou
02.13 bruised bonus
03.50 im lost
05.25 miamiga (cupp cave)
07.33 im in
09.00 magic men
10.55 welcom to hell
13.12 fresh bruises
15.30 saved (cupp cave)
16.58 save that shitfresh bretzel mix
19.59 quincy jones & bill cosby - hikky burr (mix master mike remix
)20.41 goto80_-_cia iming
22.09 kaspar vs jakzen - whydeny (toga-party-mweslee-remix)
23.08 1000names - never remix + sample from michael jakson - moonwalker.sega genesis
24.37 cupp cave - palmtree panic
26.40 gajah & herrmutt lobby - death wich
28.20 cupp cave - golden Axe
29.15 d-frost beats - data-bwoy - t pt 5 fat
30.53 container - turkish draught
32.51 squeaky lobster - flying rupies
35.14 bullion - get familiar
37.16 venus gang - love to fly
38.21 the prototype! - where you from
42.57 dr vector - auto rock /samples from gostbusters.sega genesis
45.06 fresh 3 mc's - fresh
45.25 harmonic 313 - call to arm + samples from ghouls n ghost tim follin.sega genesis
48.09 m.o.p - samiyam remix
50.10 cupp cave - zombeat06peace

The album is out now on Japanese Label Catune (grab it here)

But the Lobbyists aren't stopping there, they've also just recorded another new EP for Eat Concrete alongside fellow Belgian tech-phunksters Cupp Cave, Dalcym and Dr. Vaen under the name Bretzel Zoo. All we really have from the release so far is this rather fetching cover from the wierd and wonderful brain of Elzo, but on individual merits, expectancy is pretty high for this one.

If you haven't caught the first EP yet (and we strongly suggest you do) then there's a couple of sampler tracks, alongside a Bretzel Zoo track and a few other choice cuts from the Eat Concrete catalogue (including one of our favourite Take tracks Sugar Flowers) on a free compilation over at

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual / alt link

(YSI) Take - Sugar Flowers / alt link

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