Free Package On How 2 B Cool

That's right people curb your anticipation we are finally ready to drop our second official Chrome Kids' Fre-Release. Once again we've teamed up with Daly City for a bumper pack of remixes of Th' Mole track How 2 B Cool.

There were two main types of kids at my school, those who were seen as being cool but grew up to be wife beaters and smack addicts, and those for whom cool was an uphill struggle until they finally left education and blossomed in later life. Th’ Mole might seem at first glance to be neither of these. He’s still very much the kid on the outside looking... well not quite in, but elsewhere… which of course is what makes him hyper cool. Not in a Mark Ronson ‘oh look I’m a little bit nerdy, aren’t I cool’ type way, Th’ Mole is the real deal. But have no fear, you don’t have to rock superhero style spandex outfits or make phat crunked out (and slightly tripped out) music to be cool ‘it’s really not hard there isn’t a trick’. To help you out, Th’ Mole has put together this handy 10 Point program.

10 Ways To Be Cool

1. When you're shopping don't just leave your groceries on the checkout counter while you shop. There are other people in the world besides yourself.

2. When driving, try to stay out of the fast/passing lanes unless you need to be there. You have the ability to reduce a lot of traffic, simply by letting faster cars pass you. When passing do it quickly and then get into a slower lane as soon as possible. (Even if you're at or above the speed limit, let people pass you if they want - you're not the freaking boss of the road!)

3. Tell your parental figures all of the things that you've ever been afraid to tell them, or as many of them as you can stand. Because it will help both you and them to grow.

4. Exercise every day. It keeps you healthy and makes you strong! Also, it will make you feel happier, and then you will be nicer!

5. Don't try to talk to someone while they're performing on-stage. Even if they're just staring at a computer, your intrusion may disrupt their performance. Also, just because someone is rapping on-stage, it doesn't mean that it's an open mic or a battle, so if you aren't scheduled to perform, don't try to.

6. Let your friends, relatives, co-workers, employees, employers, etc. know that you appreciate and/or respect them, whether it is with words, eye contact, hugs, or otherwise.

7. Babies are great, but if you decide to have one then you also have a responsibility. When you're in a restaurant or theatre or something, and that thing starts crying, take it outside. You should have known what you were getting into when you made it.

8. Also about babies, change your child's diaper as soon as it needs it. Don't try to pretend that you don't notice the poop smell, especially when you're in a public place. It's gross and inconsiderate. The same goes for letting your snot-nosed kids run around in public dripping snot all over stuff. We don't want your kid's disease.

9. One final parental note: don't yell at your kids in public. I don't think you should yell at them at home either, but unfortunately that's not my jurisdiction. But when your verbal abuse becomes a public nuisance then you definitely should shut up.

10. Say no to drugs!

Simple really, of course you could just download these remixes of How 2 B Cool by the kind of producers who make Fonzy look like Gordon Brown's brief case:

Ladyscraper who takes a break from his Gabbafied Breakcore excursions to drop a Breaky Dubstep-esque version; and Robot Koch (Jahcoozi / The Tape) who adds a slightly wobblesome bass in an Acid Crunk style - both of which give just the slightest hint of menace to Th’ Mole’s simple message of ‘don’t be mean and never tell lies’, kinda like, be cool, or else!


(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Ladyscraper Rmx) / alt link

(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Robot Koch Rmx) / alt link

There’s also a remix from Th’ Mole himself who takes the chill factor down to around Blue Rasberry Slush Puppie plus Album Version Acapella & Instrumental. Don’t forget you can still pick up the original on Th’ Mole’s wonderfully colourful Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 album out now on Daly City Records.

(YSI) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool (Th' Mole Rmx) / alt link

and the full package...

(Direct Link) Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool Remix EP (Zip)

Bonus Downloads

Couple of bonuses here too. A special track from Th' Mole as he wanders the plains of Europe in search of some parties to rock.

(YSI) Th' Mole - Dear Europe / alt link

Next up is a fantastic version of the Cher / Nancy Sinatra classic Bang Bang from Blondtron out of Canada, who have taken the instrumental from of our DJ 0.000001 Fre-Release as their base. A practice we wholly support, especially when done as well as this so get working on your own versions of How 2 B Cool people!

(YSI) Blondtron - Bang Bang / alt link

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