Uzul Suspects

Dub Technic have a grindingly good new Dubstep release due from Uzul, one of the members of the French live dub band Kaly Live Dub. With a remix from Skream and recent plays from Mary Anne Hobbs, Starkey, Headhunter and Freq Nasty underlining how good this release is, this track should hopefully open some doors for some of the dope new Dubstep producers coming out of France right now. For a taster of the Uzul sound, check out this mix he's just put together using a selection of his own pruductions.

(SS) Uzul - Megamix


1. Rumble inna station (Uzul)
2. Under pressure (Uzul)
3. Sweet nightmare (Uzul)
4. Conscious dub (Uzul)
5. Dubwise (Uzul)
6. Airwaves's wobble (Uzul)
7. Ruffneg (Uzul)
8. Boumbaclat (Uzul)
9. Spring melody (Uzul)

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