Tone at 20

Many of you will already have heard the dope Peaches remix of Tone Loc's Wild Thing that has been floating around the last couple of years, well Delicious Vinyl have now decided it would be worth resurrecting the whole Loc'd After Dark album this month for a 20th Anniversary edition, with 6 new Bonus tracks. Interestingly enough the Peaches remix isn't included by the looks of things, neither is the Moguai mix below. Shame as I'm struggling to decide whether the album is quite relevant enough to warrant a revival without a bunch of new versions.

I've had a copy for some time now (of the original) and I honestly don't think I've ever played the whole thing, infact I've probably only ever played Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina. But then maybe that's why we need to be reminded about the rest of the album, maybe there are some truly hidden gems lurking in there that have been criminally overlooked.

Certainly with production by the Dust Brothers (NOT the Chemical Brothers who originally went by the same name until this lot sued their ass) who later went on to record the classic Beastie Boys album Pauls Boutique, as well as working with Beck, the Rolling Stones and scoring part of Fight Club. I should probably go and dig it out to make sure, but if you haven't got a copy then keep an eye out for this, even if you just grab it's two party classics.

There are also planned 20th Anniversary releases of Young MC's Stone Cold Rhymin', which again I could only vouch for about 2, possibly 3 of the tracks. Def Jef's Soul Food, Masta Ace Incorporated's SlaughtaHouse, which in fairness stands well up as an album in it's entirety (although our favourite Masta Ace track was the remix of Jeep Ass Niguh 'Born To Roll' which never made it on to the original album, hopefully that will be remedied on the new updated release).

There's also the fantastic Heavy Rhyme Experience Volume 1 by the Brand New Heavies featuring a whole slew of names from that period such as Gang Starr, Main Source, Grand Puba, Jamalski and Tiger. This was the first introduction for many to The Pharcyde with the classic Soul Flower track as well.

What was missing on any copy I've seen was the collaboration with 3rd Bass that was mentioned on much of the original press for the album. Hopefully this shall also be remedied when it drops a fresh, and again I would love to see some updated remixes of the tracks. The originals are great but much of the Heavies stuff never quite matched their collaborators toughness, so if any of you Delicious people are listening, sort it out!

(SS) Tone Loc - Wild Thing (Moguai Remix)

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