BBC Radio 1 Chrome Kids Takeover

Big thanks to those who tuned in yesterday as we took over the BBC Introducing in Wales show for the night whilst Bethan Elfyn was away. We had a wicked session from Welsh electro rhyme duo The Binary Kids, a Mini mix from our very own Monkey & Stagga plus Dregz (aka Jason Camilleri from BBC Radio Wales), Ruffstylz and Don Leisure dropped into the studio also. The tracklisting is below with a few of tracks available for download (via YouSendIt) and you can listen to the show for the next week over at the BBC Radio 1 website. There were also a lot of artists we didn't get to play because of time, language and even 2 because of the War in Gaza but will chat more on that tomorrow.

Show Tracklisting

The Quemists ft. Wiley – ‘Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)’ (White)
Shadow Law – ‘Da Law Rocks’ (White)
Silverlink ft. Jammer & Badness – ‘Message is Love (Mumdance Tropical 8bar Remix)’ (White)
DJ Power ft. Deeme, Jammie & Meanzee – ‘All 'Bout Da Money ’ (White)

In Session – Binary Kids
‘She Loves it’

Willo Wispa – ‘What Kind of Girls’ (Associated Minds)
Diverse Concepts – ‘Looking Everywhere Blind’ (White)

Daedelus on why he loves Wales
Daedelus – ‘Hrs:mins:secs’ (Ninja Tune)

Akira Kiteshi – ‘Pinball’ (Black Acre)

Monkey and Stagga live in the mix
Stagga – ‘Policeman get Hype’ (Rudeez)
Monkey – ‘Emmanuelle I Dub’ (White)
Magenta – ‘Cry Out’ (White)
Stagga – ‘Sick as Sin’ (Rag + Bone)
Monkey – ‘Theramon’ (White)
Stagga – ‘The LSD User’ (White)
Unknown Artist – ‘Aftermath Bootleg’ (White)
Monkey – ‘A Thought’ (White)

Mutumbo (Raffertie’s Bigger Bass Remake) – ‘Food for Animals’ (Cock Rock Disco)

Bethan Elfyn's tips from Australia
Afrirampo – ‘Oni-Pika Heart’ (Very Friendly)

PH Fat – ‘Jabu’s Dance Team’ (White)
Ben Sharpa – ‘Hegemony (DPlanet Remix)’ (Pioneer Unit)
Brothahood ft. Chico – ‘Cardiff’ (White)
Axon – ‘A Step Closer’ (White)
Lurk On Film ft. Matt Gamin – ‘Zombie Oasis’ (Lurk Music)

Binary Kids in Session
'Kit Kat'

Shystie – ‘New Style (Doc Nasty Remix)’ (Rat Records)
Robot Koch – ‘Sound Boy’ (White)
Magic Heart Genies – ‘Heartifact’ (White)
Don Leisure – ‘Subway Shampayne’ (White)
Kid Robot – ‘Shortin Circuit’ (White)
Edu K – ‘Sexomatic (Chesus n Rodski Remix)’ (White)

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2 Responses to BBC Radio 1 Chrome Kids Takeover

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