Daedelus on Wales

You can listen to our BBC Radio 1 show for a few more hours here folks. Don't worry though if you miss it we shall be uploading the whole thing pretty soon (plus Huw Evans this weeks presenter will be playing some great Hudson Mohawke and Rustie tracks in his selection. Before we do just wanted to share this moment from the show with you all. Some may be aware of Daedelus' Wales 'obsession'. He used to tell people he was Welsh and called an album Of Snowdonia (a mountainous area up north from where we're based) and has had a long relationship with the country even before visiting. He was extremely kind enough to send us this track in which he talks about his feelings over one of our favourite tracks from the last album 'Hrs:Mins:Secs' and we were extremely touched. If we may be spokesmen for our country then the feeling is entirely mutual sir.

(YSI) Daedelus on Wales (Hrs:Mins:Secs)

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