One Millionth Of A Mash Up

Don't know why it took so long to click that DJ 0.000001 (One Millionth) is infact Th' Mole, an artist we've been lovin' recently and who we shall be covering in a bit more depth soon enough. But for now here's his brilliant mash up of ODB's Shimmy Shimmy Ya and the Glitch Mob remix of Matty G's West Coast Rocks.

(YSI) DJ 0.000001 - Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (Glitch Mob Vs Matty G Vs ODB)

If you fancy trying your hand at a remix of this remix (sure there's some Postmodern thinker's who'd have plenty to say on this concept) then head over to the Daly City blog and pick up a zip file with all the necessary parts.

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One Response to One Millionth Of A Mash Up

rob said...

please put an alternative link for this up. I NEEEED to listen to this tune more!!