No More Lidl Shop Lifting, Afrikan Boy Gets Some Old Money

How serious is Afrikan Boy? Particularly after the Lidl track I'm not too sure but I'm going to take him at the most light hearted as that's about the realm he becomes really enjoyable. It seems his main credentials are working with MIA on Kala (and subsequent Mixtapes and Tour) but that's one album where the guests do a worse job of rhyming than even MIA herself. But then that album shines beyond the lyrics and so does Afrikan Boy

There's something instantly likeable about the guy but this track extends beyond simple charm with Konrad from Old Money flippin' a heavy Canadian Grime style on the remix..

(YSI) Afrikan Boy - Lagos Town(Konrad Remix) / alt link

You can buy the original version of Lagos Town on iTunes here and look out for his mixtape Can of Whoopass Vol. 1: The Rise of Captain Africa, coming soon. Now you gotta love that title.

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