New Year Catch Up

Hopefully you've enjoyed your Christmas and New Year break as much as we have, our inboxes are now overflowing with goodies though so we're just gonna hit you with 1 choice Video, Mix, Track and Remix out of them all before we carry on with what the New Year brings.


After her recent ventures into the acting world with parts in Dubplate Drama and Adulthood, Shystie returns to the mic backed up by breakbeat leg-end DJ Deekline (as in Deekline & Wizard). 'New Style' is released later this month on Deekline’s very own Rat Records with remixes from Oh Snap and Doc Nasty.

This mix from ex Kids In Tracksuits, Matt Cutler a.k.a. Lone (who dropped a gem in the form of his aqua-crunkish Lemurian album last year) was originally featured on and includes some of our Chrome favourites such as Rustie, Mrk 1 and our fellow Cardiff resident Mr Curtamos whose fine dubz we've been rinsing extremely hard of late.


01 Kona Triangle "Pinchbeck Intro"
02 Lone "Indigo Breath"
03 Plaid "Anything"
04 Kode9 vs ld "2 Bad
05 The Tuss "Fredulogon6"
06 Rustie "Response"
07 Drexciya "Triangular Hydrogen Strain"
08 Macabre Unit "Lift Off"
09 Clark "For Wolves Crew"
10 Mrk1 "Get Out Clause"
11 Jakes and Joker "3k Lane"
12 Mr Curtamos "Glowinthedarkstep"

(Direct Link) XLR8R Presents Lone - Podcast Mix


Have to admit I was dubious about anyone calling themselves Don Cash, I was kind of expecting some G'd up foolishness but instead found some rather intriguing Hip-hop Electro-Punk Popish Old Skool business. This track isn't really representative of the rest of the 'Freshy Fresh' album but you can check the whole thing via ZShare here.

(YSI) Don Cash - Party Over Here


In Jen Feldman's own words this is "Rick Ross's 'Hustlin' re-imagined for the cashmere set" and indeed when listening to this remix it's hard to picture that Rick Ross actually intended this track to be anything but a dreamy little ditty about what he gets up to "What's that Ricky? You've been hustlin' really hard, there's nice for you." Any initial aspirations to being a bad boy are immediately squashed beneath Jen's happy go lucky production. A fine job indeed.

(YSI) Jen Feldman - J Cuddle Hustle

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