Rudie Tuesday

Well overdue for a spot of Dubstep methinks.

First up is this wicked version (not strictly a remix as he hasn't taken any samples from the original) of Robert Miles' 'Children' from HxdB that took me back to being young and dancing all night to dodgy trance music on cheap speed... thanks for that.

(YSI) HxdB - Dubstep Children (Robert Miles Cover) / alt link

Next is a fairly new Dubstep producer (in that he's recently moved to Dubstep from Hip-hop) called Ill Boding. He's obviously still developing a sound but definitely has some potential.

(YSI) Ill Boding - Grit Ya Teeth

Finally is the remix for the new Chase & Status single 'Against All Odds'. I actually went up to the video shoot for this a couple of months back as it was organised by Pav who runs BOSH over in Swindon, probably my favourite residency . We both got far too drunk however and never quite made it in front of the camera at all. Still got pimped up and had a laugh though. Can check the final video here.

(YSI) Chase & Status - Against All Odds (Dubstep Remix)

Wasn't sure about posting this but then noticed it over at Rock The Dub so figured it's fair enough. If you want a 320 though go buy it.

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5 Responses to Rudie Tuesday

Anonymous said...

hxdb is down, could you re-up it?


no worries, HxdB's back up with an extra link. apologies about that.

VINCENT said...

use mediafire

everything else is shite

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anthony V said...

The Robert Miles track is badass, whoa such a cool way to mix something so oldschool <3