Make Sure You've Got Some I.D.

I.D. is on some heavy tribal rolling dancefloor Dubstep bizness that veers closely to Broken Beat and straight up Breaks at times. His new single To The Line bw Late Night Hype drops on Aquasky's Passenger label February 16th.

To get a better idea on the sound check out this half hour mix packed with I.D. exclusives.

(SS) ID's Swell Head Mix


I.D. - Stitch (CDR)
I.D. - Akusative (Cool & Deadly)
I.D. - Late Night Hype (Passenger dub)
I.D. - Mission (Re:Connect)
I.D. - Once Again (Passenger dub)
Reso - Identity (I.D. remix) (C.I.V.I.L. dub)
I.D. Flay (Cool & Deadly)
Reso vs I.D. - Shifty (Smokin' Sessions dub)
I.D. & Skinnz - Issues (Earwax dub)
I.D. - Handbagger (Passenger dub)
I.D. - Tell Ya (CDR)
I.D. - To The Line (Passenger dub)
Baobinga & I.D. - South Manchester Weather (I.D. remix)

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