The Power Of Zwolf

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With both feet an inch off the ground, his back against the curved walls of a cave on the outskirts of a silent town, zwolf is peering out of the darkness, staring directly at the cityscape as it slumbers. as the local children dream of a new day and it’s inherent possibilities, our mottled hero frantically arranges, arranges and rearranges the brittle 12 tones that lay in his hands, each eyeing an escape route, primed for flight… zwolf is a multi-introvertalist from an unknown location. weaving electronic lobeweapons out of old typewriters and plumage, the binary wizard refuses to tuneweld within confines of ‘genre’ or ‘acceptable behaviour’. on the road the combination of improvised beat-meddling and live scoring is a unique experience destined to leave the audience thinking they've just watched a film with your ears.

'The power of zwolf is a curious thing, Make a one man weep, make another man sing. Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream, Stronger and harder than a bad girls dream...'

We are more than pleased to have zwolf’s beautifully endearing Fake Death EP as our third official Chrome Kids Fre-Release. A selection of fine electronic based music that is as hard to pin down as it is to stop listening to. From the opening blues-nodding beats of Room For Doom, which despite the suggested absence of his one-time label mate and masked rhyme marauder is satisfyingly full enough; and the breakcore tinted murkiness of Dead Sea Scrolls, featuring UK Hip-hop stalwart Junior Disprol (Dead Residents); to the rolling glitch bitten beats that underlie the floatatious vocals of Martin Carr (of Boo Radleys / Brave Captain fame, who also has a new album Ye Gods (and little fishes) out on July 13th) on Soundtrack To Imaginary Film; and the jazzy sultriness of Red that sees an appearance from Cardiff Cabaret duo Mr & Mrs Clark (once likened to 'Terry & June on crack'); Fake Death manages to be eclectically polarised without losing its focus at any point and remains perfectly rounded introduction to the world of zwolf.

Tracks from this EP have already had BBC Radio support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Bethan Elfyn (Radio 1) and Adam Walton (BBC Wales) and whatever he might morph into next, expect big things from zwolf.

(SS) zwolf - Fake death EP (zip + covers)

Individual tracks:

(YSI) zwolf - Room For Doom / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Mr & Mrs Clark - Red / alt link

(YSI) zwolf - Inmicro Telecom Pt 1 / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Junior Disprol - Dead Sea Scrolls / alt link

(YSI) zwolf ft Martin Carr - Soundtrack To Imaginary Film / alt link

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5 Responses to The Power Of Zwolf

hans said...

wow this is great. Room for Doom is my favorite!
downloading it all!


thanks alot Hans, and cheers for the mention on Lowriders.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that awesome skull image for the packaging? It's so cool!

Anonymous said...

The artwork was STOLEN from :

oto said...

Without a doubt, this an excellent Fre-release, with a very fresh combination of idm / hiphop / breaks and electronica.
All the tracks uniquely grab you, and without noticing you re-listen to the whole album a few times.
Thanks a lot to both Zwolf, and Chrome Kids!