West Coast V East Coast

No we haven't decided to revive a pointless rivalry that ends up with some people shot and others very rich... okay maybe a little bit, but really it's simply a tenuous link because we happen to have some great stuff to post from New York and some other fantastic stuff from the California area.

First up, dope LA based beats and bass lovin' blog I Am A Laser has schooled us on a producer / DJ from the city called R/D. Coming out of the same scene as Glitch Mob, the sound on this Mini Mix created from tracks off his new Cricket EP is a touch on the lighter side than the Mob's full force club attacks and is rather more similar to what we've heard so far from the PANTyRAID project, no bad thing at all.

(YSI) R/D - Cricket EP Mini Mix / alt link

You can catch an interview with R/D over at the I Am A Laser blog

Plus Daly City affiliate Preshish Moments has released a Free EP of twisted style glitchy Turbo Crunk that shows a little something of his Breakcore past. Grab the EP here.

(YSI) Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax 1 2 / alt link

(YSI) Preshish Moments - Preshwrecka Compactotrax 1 6 / alt link

Regular readers will already be aware of South Bronx rapper June, well it's his month so it's only right we post his new track featuring fellow BX spitters AB3 & Kool and some extremely minimalist production from Ron Browz.

(YSI) June feat AB3 & Kool - Obnoxious / alt link

He's also dropped a new Mixtape hosted by the one and only Cipha Sounds.

(ZShare) June - F.A.M.E. Vol.1 - All Mixed Up

Finally, relative newcomers to the game 13/13 out of Brooklyn have hit us up with an ecletic range of remixes, all of which have had our heads nodding here in Chrome Mansions. Our favourite is probably this re-edit of a classic that doesn't stray far enough from the original to be sacrilegeous but has an extra touch of dirty bass synths to keep it fresh enough to bring back into our sets again.

(YSI) Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5 - The Message (13/31 Edit) / alt link

We also have something of a guilty pleasure soft spot for both Lionel and Saved by the Bell, so had to get this in some place too.

(YSI) AC Slater - Hello (13/31 More Lionel Richie Remix) / alt link

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