Inaudible Audio

After recently reloacting to Birmingham, Adam Horton aka Inaudible has been busy in the lab concocting some extremely potent Bass heavy brews, a couple of which we have posted here for your persual.

With healthy levels of Bump and Grind in the most un-R Kelly of ways the industrial midtempo stomp of Game Theory wobbles around like a Weeble with a chainsaw whilst Black Swan is a rather more mellowish glitched out trip but with enough grime and bass worthy of it's Bristolian namesake.

You can check more in a similar vein over at his website.

(YSI) Inaudible - Game Theory / alt link

(YSI) Inaudible - Black Swan / alt link

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One Response to Inaudible Audio

inaudible said...

Cheers Kaptain!

Safe as houses x