Hot To Death

West Coast digital Hip-hop mutants The Flying Skulls have hit us up with a few rocks of their Club Crack remix bootlegs that are almost as disturbing as they are dope as f**k.

To be honest I'd be kinda scared to drop the Spank Rock sampling Club Killer remix out in an actual club, in case it did inspire literal dancefloor murderations, whilst Welsh rhymer Mudmowth is having a 'Circus In The Cemetery' and 'Carnival On Your Carcass' with his classic Skullcrackology track getting the full filth treatment from the The Flying Skulls. The death analogies don't stop there either as the ghost of Aaliyah haunts the live jam remix of Rock The Boat, probably what The Ferryman has cranked up loud on his MP3 player if he's still shipping souls to Hades.

These tracks are essentially mash ups with the beats to be found on their forthcoming album Take Flight, which isn't actually all death and doom, although it is certainly a killer. We'll tell you more about that twisted beauty nearer the time, although if you download the zip files to retrieve all three tracks then there's a press release preview for your perusal.

Flying Skulls - Club Crack EP (zip)

The Flying Skulls - Rock the Boat (Live Jam) feat Aaliyah / YSI

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