We're Playing Master P On Atari

The Daly City don of digitally crunked up dirt and devastation, Mochipet, is back with a new album that's more raw to the core than anything that's come before.

Where as Microphonepet was largely about big beats for the guests to ride on and to be honest Bunnies & Muffins pretty much snuck past us, Master P On Atari is all about gargantuan beats that are so in your face it would be impossible to ignore. They've literally taken over and they're pissed off, ready to trample buildings and fling trucks about. The sound is probably best described by taking random words from the track titles, such as: Hyphy; Turbo; Sumo; Robo; Crunk; Bass; Ghetto; Godzilla; and straight up Full Frontal Face Melt.

Master P On Atari is out July 4th on Daly City. Here's a track from the album...

(YSI) Mochipet - Turbo Thizz Petnation / alt link

Plus if like us you need to play catch up slightly, here's a track from the Bunnies & Muffins album, featuring the delightfully dapper genius of Daedelus.

(YSI) Mochipet feat Daedelus - Spring / alt link

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