Buy It, Blast It and Help Make It Right

Today saw the release of Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes, with 30 big name remixers including the likes of Chrome Kids favourites Daedelus, Glitch Mob, Lazer Sword & Flying Skulls donated their time and skill (along with many of the other people involved with the album) to expertly re-craft a bunch of STS9 tracks with all of the proceeds from sales going to Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation.

Go buy it now!

(YSI) STS9 - Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist (The Flying Skulls Feat. Abstract Rude Remix) / alt link

(also available on the incredible forthcoming Flying Skulls album, but more of that later)

STS9 Metameme (Alex B Concepts Remix) / alt link

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