Men In (Fluorescent) Black

We are most excited about Fluorescent Black, the return album from digitally mutated Hip-hop innovators Anti-Pop Consortium, whose importance in the current climate of music has been scandalously overlooked. Although Beans has dropped a couple of dope projects on Warp, and both High Priest and M. Sayyid managed to sneak a few solo bits and pieces alongside their relatively un-noticed but heavily packed Airborn Audio project on Ninja Tune, this will be the first proper Anti Pop Consortium album since 2002's Arrhythmia (not including their 2003 collaboration with free-jazz pianist Matthew Shipp).

Pitchfork have just previewed this sneak preview from the album, Capricorn One is classic APC but then they were so ahead of their time in the first place that this is just as relevant now as it would have been then, if not more so.

(YSI) Anti-Pop Consortium / alt link

Fluorescent Black will be released through Big Dada on October 13.

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