Father Abraham Has Many Songs

One of our favourite Hip-hop albums of late is one that appears to have snuck under all the major radars yet has blasted our radar to bits with some kind of advanced sonic boom blaster. Father Abraham from Boston takes on full creative duties on I Am Not The Sailor I Am The Captain and manages to marry his passionate delivery perfectly to the neck snapping yet head twisting production. It's off-key without getting lost or seeming contrived, regains the hunger of one of Hip-hop's golden ages without being dated and gives off an endearing DIY quality without being cheap.

You can pick up a limited CD copy of the album here, but we've included a few of our favourites below (you can also pick up HIAFC from our latest chart).

Father Abraham - Yeah Hell Yeah / alt link

Father Abraham - Asteroid Belt +++ Giraffterbirth / alt link

Father Abraham - helpmesaveme / alt link

Father Abraham - Morphine's Lullaby / alt link

The album is on constant rotation here at Chrome Mansions and is likely to be for some time, but meanwhile Father Abraham is proving himself to be ever more prolific with a project in which he produces, records and releases a song a week which you can pick up over at specially designated blog 52pickup.us where he also gives an insightful and enjoyable breakdown to each track.

Bonus Download: Chino XL - Nahh! / alt link

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