Big Basslines, Bigger Thrills

Having been out to a string of average, apathetic and just plain empty nights of late it is refreshing that there are nights such as Bigger Than Barry to restore our faith that the party proper still exists. We hit their night at The Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and had a great time, secret special guests came in the shape of Toddla T (whose firing set instigated a mosh pit) and Annie Mac who brought along the beautiful, bashy and blazing hot Lady Chann on mic duty... you know a night's going well when you can afford to keep guests like these a secret. Elsewhere the likes of Doorly and Tomb Crew tore it up whilst Scarlet Harlots proved themselves to be one of the best young indie rock (for want of better pigeon-holing) bands on the circuit.

Anyway, part of the reason these guys know how to put on a top class night is they have their ears finely tuned to the dancefloor, and they are now putting their learned lugholes to further use by starting up a label. We don't have much info on it but we do have these Dubstep reworkings of some 2 Step classics to give you courtesy of the BTB boys. These tracks have already been getting support from all of the DJs we mentioned.


Shorterz Pimps - Spin Spin Enigma (Spin Spin Sugar Dubstep Mix) / alt link

Shorterz 99 - Enigma Groove (RIP Groove Dubstep Mix) / alt link

Thrills has hit us with a bunch of new hype tracks plus a brand new second installment of Dubstep refixes in a handy half hour mix. The firin' Bassline single Go is out on Sub Philo Music soon with remixes from the likes of Taz Buckfaster, Tony Rocky Horror and Zeppy Zep and has been getting Radio 1 play from Kissy Sell Out.


Thrills - Next Friday (Original Mix) / alt link

Tragik - Crazy (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Remix) / alt link

We Are Enfant Terrible - I Can't Help Myself (Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror Dub) / alt link

Thrills - Dubstep Refix Mix 2

Some of you may have caught this guy in our latest chart, but we have a couple more tracks to give away from Polish producer Spox, whose background in the Warsaw Hip-hop and Free Party scenes probably helps to endear him to our ears, although both of these tracks are on a Dubstep tip with an Old Skool Rave twist.

Spox - Diz Bass Shit / alt link

Morcheeba - World Lookin' In (Spox's Let's Get Ravey Remix) / alt link

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