Taken from the C23Management Mail Out... Book Chrome Kids!

The Chrome Kids are yet another act on the roster that are going from strength to strength. If you didn’t already know, TCK DJ Sets are made up of three emerging stars, all in their own right; Kaptin, Monkey and the rising Dubstep star, Stagga.

If they’re not hosting Radio 1 shows, they’re gallivanting around Europe unleashing their bass rumbling, gut-churning eclectic sets comprising of anything from Glitch Hop to Dubstep to Acid Crunk and everything in between. If you haven’t had the aural pleasure of these guys, get over to their myspace to check out some of their DJ sets.

It’s not only their DJ sets that have been pricking the ears of the taste-makers; their music blog has been getting attention from absolutely everyone and their dog! With Diplo dropping comments, P Diddy twittering links and Loo & Placido, the Godfathers of the Mash-up scene claiming it introduced them to Dubstep and Glitch hop, you can see that with in its first year, the blog has reached every corner of the globe. It recently appeared as the primary source for Hip-hop / Electronic crossovers in an article for ‘the biggest Hip-hop Magazine in Europe, Germany's Juice Magazine and even a few Radio 1 DJs have been keeping their eye on it and playing featured tracks on the airwaves. Go and check out what all the fuss is about… (you're already here :)

We have some extra special goodies for you from The Chrome Kids. Not one, but TWO FREE tracks for you to feast your ears upon. First up, a track from someone everyone is talking about, the man that brought you the dubstep masterpiece Sick as Sin, Stagga. Rub on ya Bass Binz is a track like no other and has been a staple in TCK’s sets for months and you’ll only understand why once you click on the link... Number two is a collaboration between Monkey & Stagga called Glass Bong. A fine example of the sort of twisted beats and bass you can expect from one of the trios DJ sets.

Download: Stagga – Rub on ya Bass Binz / alt link

Download: Monkey & Stagga – Glass Bong / alt link

Available Dates:
OCT - 16/23/24/30/31
NOV - 6/13/14/20/21/27/28

For all bookings and enquiries please contact Adam on C23Management@hotmail.com

Bonus Download: The Anomalies - Margarita (2 Bit Thugs Skank Ass Remix) / alt link (2 Bit Thugs are also on the C23 Roster)

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