Ninjaz Strike Again

The Squid Ninjaz crew are definitely not resting after putting the finishing touches to their their deadly Revenge Of The Blowfish album. We've already kept you up to date with Metabeats' movements but here's some fresh tracks from two more members: Joe Blow who's working on the follow up to his excellent Smoking Skills EP and recieves a Stagga refix to one of his latest offerings; and Cervantis aka Lousain Hekla who drops the even more sinister 6 track Face Boglin EP.

At an exhibition in the Edinburgh Festival I saw a great painting where the artist had turned a young group of rough looking Scottish council estate kids into majestic centaurs. For me Cervantis carries the same raw imagery of mythology meets harsh reality in his rhymes and paints a similar picture of South Wales. It certainly seems as if the Barry Town residents are getting ready for a long, cold and harsh winter, actually it sounds like summer never quite reached the beach there in the first place.


Joe Blow - Hour Glass (Stagga Remix) / alt link

Cervantis aka Lousain Hekla - Face Boglin EP (zip)

A couple of our choice cuts from the EP.

Cervantis - Supa Human / alt link

Cervantis - Yellow Rocks / alt link

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