Who's In The House?

We posted up the Doorly remix of this track a few weeks back but now Wiley's blessed the original version with a verse, just in time for the last of the Ibiza closing parties.

Download: Riton & Primary 1 feat Wiley - Who's There / alt link

Some may remember a couple of posts we put up from a great Electro House producer by the name of A-ux out of New York. Well the last one was just before he headed off to do national service back in his native South Korea, he's still got a while to go but he's been spending his first ever leave in the studio exorcising all the emotions that have built up since his time there, and here's the result.

Download: A-ux - Forgotten Memoir / alt link

And he also polished up one of his older beats for us which is a slightly grimier crunkish affair (it stands for Your Mom Loves this Beat)

Download: A-ux - Y.M.L.B / alt link

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One Response to Who's In The House?

caisa said...

Hi there!
If you like Riton, then don't miss out on Kitsune Maison's warehouse party on 31 October in East London!!! Riton, Gildas & Masaya and Le Corps mince de francoise will be dj:ing!