It's Bigger Than...

We love getting new stuff from Kid 606's Tigerbeat6 label, because like the man himself, you never quite know what's in store but it's guaranteed to slap you in the face and make you listen. This time they've hit us up with the debut EP from French Glitch hop producer Humanleft and it's rather ginormous. It's like a big melting pot of our favourite things with elements of Acid Crunk, Ghettotech and Dubstep all in a phat bassed up, glitched out packed lunchbox of fun. You can pick up the EP from here.

Download: Humanleft - Roarr / alt link

We first heard of Cleveland Hip-hop crew Keyel after they hooked up with Flako on a blunted out excursion for their new mixtape. Now the mixtape has finally dropped in full force and it shows the fellas in fine form over a bunch of head bobbing future soul Post-Dillafied beats including this one produced by Sa-Ra.

Download: Keyel - Hanging by a String (prod. by Sa-ra Creative Partners) / alt link

Download: Keyel - Volume 1 (Mixtape)

Grayskull just hit us up with this glitched up re-rubbing of Amanda Blank' already fairly phat and filthy track. Think I prefer it to the original but then maybe I might like her's better if we slept together.

Download: Might Like You Better (Grayskull Remix ) / alt link

Maybe it's all in the name but there must be something in the water over in Boulder, Colorado cos I swear a few of our favourite Glitch hop tracks recently have been from that direction. This free EP from Denver Bass Squad member Samples is no exception. 5 and a bit beats that are crunchier and crisper than a bowl of dry cornflakes and ten times as tasty.

Download: Samples - Intercontinental Ballistic Lazer (EP)

Download: Samples - Blakka / alt link

In one of those interconnecting web jumping missions that can take days we also came across Freddy Todd out of Detroit, who has hooked up a remix for Samples in the past and has a number of his own filthy glitch ridden bass bangers currently riding round our playlist.

Download: Freddy Todd - Vespertino / alt link

Download: Freddy Todd - Ghost Dance Messiah (EP)

Our boy Ralph Rips Shit just put us on to the Mixtape that came out earlier in the year from Fresh Daily (who also has a new album that dropped last month). Some well borrowed beats from the likes of Flying Lotus, Gorillaz and Oddisee that perfectly frame his finely tuned seemingly effortless flow. Includes a heavy guest appearance from fellow New Yorker Mickey Factz (we're still looking for a 320 copy of him rhyming over Machine Gun by Portishead, hit us up if you got one).

Download: Fresh Daily - Tomorrow Is Today (Mixtape)

Download: Fresh Daily - Space Movies (Kanye West Dub) / alt link

Download: Fresh Daily - Winterfresh (Flying Lotus Dub) / alt link

On a jazzier mellow tip we just picked up this beautifully epic track from Leaving Records. It's a track from Oscar McClure who will be dropping his debut album on the LA based label in the near future. Perfect for a crisp Autumn morning.

Download: Oscar McClure - Augusting / alt link

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2 Responses to It's Bigger Than...

Dale Cooper said...

Cool blog that I've just discovered today! The Humanleft Ep is pure banger! He's a guy from Toulouse (France / South West) that we are supporting on our blog.


Nice one Dale, good to have you pass in. Don't be a stranger :)