Lawrie Load Of Talent

This is something a little different for us but I pledged some time ago to support Pete Lawrie any way possible, which means here he is. Definitely a hell of a shift since I first met a young DJ / Producer by the name of Itchy Fingers at our Higher Learning nights about 6 years ago. Since then he's proved himself to be a talented multi-instrumentalist but it wasn't until I discovered he could sing that he really blew me away. Gone is the Hip-hop moniker and sound, in comes one of the most refreshing singer / songwriters I've heard in a long time. Now signed to Field Recordings, an Island Records subsidiary and home to King Blues and Yoav, he is due to drop an album later this year. This recent version of one of the album tracks featuring Mercury Prize winning emcee Speech Debelle popped up a couple of days ago, but seeing as we're not the first ones to bring it to you, we've also given you an exclusive twisted tribal Dubstep remix from one of the Chrome Kids family of another track.


Pete Lawrie ft Speech Debelle - (Black And Blue) That's How I Feel About You / alt link

Pete Lawrie - Panic (Monkey Remix) / alt link

Also worth checking out is the Pete Lawrie Remixed Myspace where he's beautifully reworked some of his own tracks.

Bonus Download: Speech Debelle - Go Then, Bye (Photomachine And EL-B Remix)
/ alt link

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