High On The Most Wanted Criminals List

High Rankin is a bad man. He is a purveyor of filth, sleaze and brutality, a self confessed Pimp and Gambler who pushes his pornographic beats on innocent ears and frivolously makes entertainment from the kind of x rated obscenities that you can only find on the top shelves of the most depraved record shops out there. It's no wonder this EP is coming out on a label called Cheap Thrills, ban it now!!

There is an example of how dangerous this man can be below, however if you would like to check the whole release so you can file a full report to the censors, you can find it at Beatport.

High Rankin - Top Shelf Obscene (featuring Pie) by High Rankin

Download: High Rankin feat Pie - Top Shelf Obscene (128kbps)

And here the overgrown sonic warlord pulls in a gang of reprobates that share his sickening taste in dirt and depravity.

High Rankin presents Danger Rank (Janurary 2010 mix) by High Rankin


1. AC Slater - Play that record again
2. B-Rich - Killing it
3. Doorly - Horse step
4. High Rankin & Gyto - Bubble and squeak
5. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder (The Counts big B Morgan remix)
6. High Rankin - Stabvests and hot pants
7. High Rankin - Occupation: Pimp and gambler
8. 501 - Special Request
9. Tempa T - Next hype vs Pixel Fist - Speaka freaka
10. Temper D & Balkansky - In pictures
11. High Rankin - The Airloom (2009 vip)
12. Reso - Beasts in the basement
13. Wolfgang Gartner - Firepower
14. Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats remix)
15. Sub Focus - Could this be real
16. High Rankin - Duncans disco dirtbox disaster
17. Mowgli - London to Paris
18. Count and Sinden - Strange things (High Rankin gentleman junglist remix)

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