Myuzyk To Our Ears

Our bredren Benjamin One just schooled us to a new compilation due out on the free net label Myuzyk on Monday 8th February. Comprising of a bunch of artists we don't know (except for Ben himself of course and a most welcome return from Dark Circle a German crew who found favour on UK Hip-hop labels such as Jazz Fudge and Defcon back at the start of the last decade) but have had great pleasure in getting to know. Infact it's a struggle not to post the whole album as every single track, from the sketchy flute splatttered future Dub of Klondike Kids to the intense Ghost train glitch of E.A.R.L. is a straight up sonic feast, loosely drawing lineage from the depths of the experimental Hip-hop psyche. Regular readers should by now understand that free music does not mean a compromise in quality and with this compilation, Myuzyk damn well cements that sentiment to the head of every listener. Here's a few of our choice cuts.

Download: Benjamin One feat Derth (Inc) & Wichcraft - Over The Moon / alt link

Download:E.A.R.L. - Gymps / alt link

Download:Buddy Peace - Crimson Feather Valve / alt link

Download: Bob Villain - Trendy

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