Spoek Your Mind

We mentioned in our 2009 round up, the extra prolific nature of Spoek Mathambo, and just to highlight our point here's just a few of the projects that have caught our attention recently which have addded Spoek sparkle to their merits.

First up those bass hungry Bavarians Schlachthofbronx have a new EP out on Man Recordings, they hit us up with the title track Ayoba (a South African slang expression used for general appreciation) which features Spoek along with Gnucci Banana on a tropical hype tip.

Schlachthofbronx "Ayoba" feat. Spoek + Gnucci Banana by MANRECORDINGS

plus here's a video they recorded for the track

Next up, is a new EP from LA based rapper Subtitle, which as well as boasting a beat selection from the likes of Bearmod and Megasoid has this Mochipet produced bass bubbler featuring a killer vocal line up of Cadence Weapon, fellow Briefcase Rocker , Juan Huevos and of course Mr Mathambo himself.

Download: Subtitle feat Cadence Weapon, Juan Huevos & Spoek - 4 On The Floor / alt link

Finally is an EP we discovered at South African music blog Electro Trash from Sweat X (Spoek and Markus Wormstorm). Unfortunately the file is bringing up error messages but it might work for you guys, If anyone has any other links to this EP hit us up.

Download: Sweat X - Saviour & Messiah

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