Who's Sorry Now?

Even though Brenda might be sorry, this beat is filth and fun with computers a far cry from begging forgiveness... we don't believe George Lenton is sorry at all.

Download: George Lenton - Im Sorry / alt link

but he has been having a good old think about maybe being sorry, probably... well this is certainly thinking music at least. A touch more mellow and magical than we've come to expect, you can almost hear somebody recounting their dreams by the side of a mountain lake some place... some place with guns and lazers and big fat booty b**tches...well okay it's not like that at all but we occasionally get that reaction when faced with anything nice and calming for too long.

Download: George Lenton - San Angel / alt link

We've said it before but we'll say it again... buy his Price EP when it drops in the near future.

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