From Daly City To The Land Of Animation

Daly City explores something of a deeper sensitive side to their soul with their new signing, London producer MusSck. Still keeping it glitchy and in the realm of Hip-hop's cyborg reconstruction, this album is more subtle then previous label releases, conjuring up open rolling virtual plains to wander through. Playful yet emotional, there appears to be a fairly comprehensible story being told from track to track and chapter to chapter, let's hope there's many more volumes to come.

You can buy The Land Of Animation now here, but to give you a taster here's one of the tracks plus a promo mix to check out.

Download: MusSck - Town Made Out Of Clouds / alt link

Download: MusSck - Land Of Animation Promo Mix


01) Creation Of a New World
02) Finding Forever
03) Memory Of Yesterday's
04) Pain To The Picture
05) A Fatherless Child
06) The Core Of The Problem
07) Anger Is Brief Insanity
08) The Mother Of All Mistakes
09) Confession Of A Demon
10) Underworld Of Fortune
11) Ghetto Village In 2D
12) Draw What Comes To Mind
13) Sell You A Dream
14) The Town Made Out Of Clouds

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One Response to From Daly City To The Land Of Animation

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