Protect Or Serve

Back in the day a DJ would protect the identity of their tunes by covering the labels. This was to stop other DJs from playing the same tunes and ultimately building a better collection / reputation than each other. This was when it was strictly vinyl and you had to dig deep in the crates to find the right break. Now DJs are using Serato, other DJs can just look over their shoulder at the screen and there's so much good music out there being created at an astonishing rate that no DJ should ever need to worry about one or two tunes being played by one of the million or so other DJs out there. So with this in mind, why has nobody invented a screen for us poor individuals in the crowd who can't look over shoulders? The DJ can put it in front of them and as the next tune comes in it will scroll along the screeen. If the DJ wants to show off a bit with his selection he can simply have a bunch of exclusives that nobody else could get anyway. This is how I felt last night when I hit the excellent Dubloaded night at The Croft in Bristol, during the two and a half sets I managed to catch from Ghettozoid, Hyetal and Apple Blim, I was suddenly made to feel most inadequate in my musical knowledge and caught the craving for many of the selections laid down. It was all I could do to stop myself from waiting outside in a balaclava and robbing their laptops on the way out just to get those tunes, so DJs, to stop crime and save yourselves the hassle and money of replacing your computers and music collections, invent something!

One tune I did recognise and thankfully Baobinga was on hand to confirm, was this remix of his track Ride It by one of our currrent 'can do no wrongs' Untold, due out on Baobinga's very own Build Recordings label shortly.

BUILD002 - Baobinga - Ride It w/ Untold RMX by Build Recordings

Plus here's a mix from Revolva (previously Octopussy) that he posted up on Bass Music Blog yesterday, made all the more poignant by the fact that one half of this duo is Ghettozoid (the other being BUF) who was in the house spinning some stunning selections yesterday. One of which, a beautiful track using an Anne Peebles sample from I Can't Stand The Rain is set to be released on her new One4Ho label in the near future (sorry but can't remember the name of the Berlin producer whose tune it actualy was).

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