Cardiff Runnings

Seems that things have been kinda quiet in the Welsh capital recently but there's always a lava pool of talent bubbling under the surface ready to erupt in a volcanic explosion of sound. If it eveer does happen these folks should definitely be part of Cardiff smoke cloud set to bury the unexpected.

We've got a big bag of dubz courtesy of Curtamos whose sound is ever developing and now bridges the Dubstep borders between deep and dirty perfectly. Look out for Drop and Stormtroop in particular, both have been snapped up for release. He also hit us up with this Reel 2 Real bootleg which returns a certain amount of credibility to the dope but rather cheese stained club classic.

Download: Curtamos - I Like To Move It / alt link

We first heard of the L.D.P. (previously L.D.G. - Lock Down Generals from what we can understand) from Stagga's Face Get Splat track which featured JBone and Y Dot from the crew (which also includes Ability). Yesterday we posted a preview to the Cardiff Grime crew's new DVD but then after hunting them down we got hold of this track as well, only 128kbps but well worth a listen.

Download: L.D.G - Showa Session 2 / alt link

Speaking of Stagga, we previewed his remix of Hour Glass by Squid Ninjaz soldier Joe Blow a while back. Well Joe just hit us up with the original to the track which is going to be the first single from his new album Dead Man Smoking.

Download: Joe Blow - Hour Glass / alt link

Bonus Download: Starkey - OK Luv (Stagga Remix Instrumental) / alt link

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