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A Scribble Jam winner and Low End Theory host, NoCanDo is no stranger to those with any kind of connection to the current West Coast scene, so it's perhaps a little surprising then that his debut full length is only just upon us. Dropping courtesy of Daddy Kev's Alpha Pup label and with a producer line up that includes the likes of Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, Free the Robots and Thavius Beck, we were obviously excited about this album before it even hit the player. It doesn't dissapoint either, one of the most well rounded Hip-hop albums for a long time Nocando switches up styles, flows and deliveries in a way that truly showcases his long term love of the music without having his nostalgia chip jammed in any particular heyday. From crunked up club bangers to more instrospective head nodders, this is serious business which never takes itself too seriously.

The West Coast Hip-hop scene has always been a diverse and divided bag of noise. From classic Gangsta Rap to the Good Life Cafe attendees back in the late 80s and 90s, or Bay Area Hyphy and the kind of artists who grace the upper echelons of Low End Theory. Although this album is perhaps a little too grown up to truly cross over and a little too contemporary for the traditionalists, it joins the dots for the current scenes well and in many ways brings everything else up to date. Grab it!

Jimmy The Lock is out on Alpha Pup from January 26th but we have a copy of the new single for you here.

Download: NoCanDo - Hurry Up and Wait (produced by Nobody) / alt link

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So What ?Di Khrap said...

wicked // we all waited for this since.....
Big thanks for that single