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This blog will hopefully help in both keeping me on my toes in terms of what's going on in the world of Glitch Hop, Electro Booty, Dubstep, Baltimore, Robo Crunk and any other form of digitally mutated Funk, Reggae and Hip-hop music out there, and also be helpful to other people seeking that sound that is just that touch more satisfying to the soul then the average beats being served up on a traditional platter at the moment. I shall endeavour to keep it as upto date as possible and include links to artists as well the occasional MP3 download which should serve only as a taster to the treats that those artists featured may hold in store if you go buy their stuff.

First I think I'll start with a review I just wrote for the new Missill album 'Targets' which should be dropping in the UK on 1st September on Discograph, I have also included a track featuring DJ Vadim / One Self rapper Blu Rum 13...

Despite her cutesy Power Puff style designs, Missill is a dirty bitch. This isn’t a personal slur by any means, in fact far from it. The French DJ / Graf Artist / Designer / Producer’s album is positively stinking up the place in the best possible way with some of the dirtiest glitch ridden, bass heavy Hip-hop based electronic music available today. From the early head snapping guest slots by the likes of Dynamite MC and Blu Rum, through the favela flavoured floor fillers and into guitar screeching electro breaks of the highest order. There is enough cleanliness in the production to make this reasonably accessible, but there’s no doubting there is filth within Missill’s mind indeed.

(YSI) Missill feat Blu Rum 13 - Choose To Care

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