Around The Carnival in 8 Minutes

Not really much to tell from Carnival… drink, dance, get squashed, lose people, dance some more, eat, drink some more and keep dancing til it’s time to go. The general pattern doesn’t really change. Of course there’s a lot more you can say about it but if you’ve been, you know and if you haven’t then I couldn’t begin to explain it here. Let’s just say there’s no better way to spend a Bank Holiday Monday.

What was missing for me this year was a Carnival ‘tune’, something fresh that you hear over and over again. To be honest we kinda got herded around sounds that just pumped out the classics and finally settled at Gaz’s Rockin Blues (dressed up the best as always - this time with an 'Around The World in 80 Days' theme) watching a ska band called The Trojans. Not really inspiration for a Chrome Kids post but good fun nevertheless and some great guest slots from Ska saxophonist Megumi Mesaku, the legendary Prince Buster and one of our favourite rappers Mystro…actually he’d be perfect for a post. Here’s two videos for two of the best Hip-hop tunes this year.

Mystro - U Live & U Learn

YesKing feat. Mystro - One Of Those Days

The first is from his now mythical forthcoming release on Beer & Rap the ‘Fuck Da Taxman EP’ which will hopefully see the light of day soon, and the second track is from Mark Rae / Rhys Adams project YesKing off their ‘Rock This World’ album which is also slightly mythical thanks to their distributor going bust after releasing just a few hundred copies and not letting go of the rest. Definitely worth checking if you can find one though.

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