Pennies from Heaven Knows

I have to admit I’m a little dubious as to how long the Cool Kids can carry off their sound. It’s a fine line between throwing away the boundaries on time and using 80s Hip-hop as an influence - to making old sounding shit. Also, a lot of their stuff kinda sounds like Ice T’s ‘6 In The Morning’ or Schooly D ‘Parkside’ but these artists had a far wider repertoire of styles and tracks back then. Don’t get me wrong, although this track is more of the same, it still bumps and I’m not sick of them yet… infact when I finally play this out I’m sure all doubts will be beaten down by that B-line… and they whistle on the track too… cool. Still I have a friend's rant fresh in my mind from last night's gig (of which more soon). "Why are all these kids trying to relive the 80s, I was there... it was f**kin' shit."

(YSI) Cool Kids - Pennies

(YSI) Ice T - 6 In The Morning

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