Bring Forth The Guillotine

If the lack of sun this summer has got you stuck in the house feeling all moody and pensive then you could do a lot worse than download the latest mix from Guillotine Clique and have a listen.

Guillotine Clique, is the combined output of London DJ / Producer MLR (My Left Retina) and Bristol based Nottingham native Breach. The self proclaimed ‘bastard spawn of a modern dawn’ have collated a collection of tracks from the likes of 2562 and Appleblim which sit perfectly besides their own beautifully crafted dark and twisted dubz.

Guillotine Clique Volume 1

If ever you happen to get chased through Port Talbot steel works by the Terminator T1000 this is the shit you want playing in your Ipod… although you’d probably get caught and decapitated eventually. For a full tracklisting check out their MySpace page or if you live anywhere near Bristol, UK you can catch them both deejaying separately at this enticing little night...

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