Guns N Bombs

This LA production duo largely seem to be hammering out big gnarly stomping Electro Disco of which we are definitely quite fond, but it’s their glitchy lumberjacking mix of Ghostface Killah’s ‘Charlie Brown’ that really caught our eardrums here at Chrome Kids. It actually fits GFK’s urgent call for the saving of Hip-hop even better than the rather happy go lucky strings of the original. Of course some would say it’s an extra nail in the coffin… but not us

“Hey Hey What You Say This Is Real Hip-hop on the line today”

Guns N Bombs are Chicago DJ - Johnny Love and Filip Turbotito from Ima Robot (and the rather superb Dub duo Djosos Krost as well). They have done various remixes for The Klaxxons and Chromeo plus a new mix for 80s Goth Rock band The Cult which is a million times better than the original… and we’ve never even heard the original. They have a single floating around from last year called “Nothing Is Getting Us Anywhere" on the Kitsune label and are just putting the finishes touches to an album which they’re currently shopping around for a deal. You can pick up a copy of the single HERE or check out their MySpace for various other downloads and mixes.

Ghostface Killah – Charlie Brown (Guns N Bombs Remix)

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